Family Photography

girl sitting on the edge of a wall with city behind

Hi! I'm Corina

It's hard describing yourself isn't it? Anyway let's try it:
- I'm a child at heart and I love to daydream
- Best compliment ever received was "a delightful weirdo"
- I adore to travel, I'm always smiling and have an infectious Scooby-Doo laugh
- My love, family and friends are the most important thing in the world for me
- I love meeting new people, hearing life stories and discovering new places
- My favourite things are planning future adventures and laughing with my friends
- I have an obsession for trains and listening to favourite songs on repeat until I end up hating them

I’m a family and wedding photographer based in Haywards Heath, Sussex and adventuring all over The UK for my work.

I love photography as a way to communicate, to show off characters and connections between people, emotions and to highlights the beautiful range of what a family can mean in today’s world. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else!

For me family photography is really important because it helps capture a snapshot¬† from our lives that will be remembered and treasured by generations to come. Here is me with my parents on a holiday. Is one of my favourite photos as I love how my sister (in pink) is being her crazy self while I’m curious about the camera and what’s happening.

I don’t have a lot of images from my childhood, but the ones that I have are gold for me. They instantly take me back to simpler times, make me nostalgic and warm my heart with sweet memories.

They remind me of all the sacrifices my parents did for me and all the small things that I’ll always cherish and be grateful for. Like my mum making me pineapple cake and my dad giving me Kinder eggs after every injection I had as a sickly child. Should I mention my sister and her weird ways of showing love?

Anyway, this is me: I’m nerdy and weird, I like to dream, I’m a child at heart and an optimist, I adore to travel, I love strongly and unconditionally and I believe friends and family make us stronger. Don’t be shy and say hi!

Random and embarrassing stories about tiny me

My sister used to tell me I've been adopted from a family of frogs. The reasoning behind was that I was the only one in my family to have big green eyes.

I think I had all the pets one could have: cats that my sister and I would adopt from the streets, dogs, a horse called Mishu, a goat that we always put sunglasses on, ducklings for which we made "ponds" out of mums pans and a cow called Balanica which is the Romanian version for Blondie.

One of my favourite activities as a kid was lying in the grass/ snow/ dirt/ whatever and watching the clouds or stars.

I always thought I was a superhero in disguise who had to help people and save the world. I think it comes from watching too much Sailor Moon (Superhero anime) every day after school with my sister. Hence my passion for anime and cartoons

I was going to kindergarten with my sister and one day I peed myself (I was 3, don't judge). She went to great length trying to convince people we're not actually related to the point that my parents were called to explain.