Family Photography

Family photography – a documentary approach

Documentary family photography is definitely an approach that fits best for what I want to capture through my work. It helps me represent raw emotions, quiet moments and fleeting expressions. This  blog post is for one really intimate mother and son moment.I was really excited for this as I know Alina is a really calm and caring person and I knew she would have many sweet moments for my camera. I wasn’t wrong! When I arrived it was lunch time so we silently took a moment and watched little Matei snuggled in mums arms, while Thomas the cat was roaming around looking for a bit of attention.

I love cosy family photo sessions at home, because you get to capture the intimacy and atmosphere that only there and then can be found. A sort of sweet silence and calm, a joy that brings warmth to your heart.

Maybe you’ll get the same feeling from below photos.


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