Family Photography

Meet Katie and Charlotte one beautiful single parent family

Last month I had a great time spending a day with Katie and Charlotte for their Day in the life family photo shoot. I like to travel all over for my family photography and this one brought me to Warwick, a place I visited for the first time. I definitely recommend visiting, it’s a beautiful city with gorgeous little shops full of personality and lovely walks. Also I had the best Indian food experience there! Yum!

Katie is the single mum of what she describes as an overly dramatic 5 year old girl named Charlotte. Together they live in a very bright and happy house in Warwick with their sweet dog Sophie. Katie is a calm, warm and fun person to hang out while Charlotte is full of energy and wonder. Together they’re absolutely adorable!

I loved spending a day with them and getting to know them. Katie is a beautiful human being with a lot to share – she has a blog about her experience and struggles as a single mum. I absolutely love how honest and raw her writing is, especially the ones on mental health which you can read it here.  I think it takes a lot of strength to be so vulnerable in sharing personal experiences to help others.


mum and daughter waving at friends

What we’ve got up to on our day in the life shoot

Day in the life photo shoots are a way of capturing honest family life moments that will grow in value as time passes. Is about finding a connection and making it timeless.

For Katie and Charlotte I got there around 9, just in time to capture one if those lazy PJ breakfasts. For the first hour Charlotte was all excited to show me her dance moves and her splits. Soon after she got bored of me clicking my camera around and I got to capture quiet mother-daughter moments during bath time and getting dressed.

Afterwards I followed the girls in the local park as they took Sophie for a walk, I watched them bake cupcakes, play monopoly and playing outside or around the house.

While I normally like to be just an observer and a witness to whatever is happening, I couldn’t say no to getting my face painted by such an amazing artist as Charlotte. Check her artwork at the end of the blog post.

It was so humbling to witness the love and connection between them and at the end of the day I felt like I’ve known them for ages. Hope you can get the same feeling from the photos.


Thank you Katie and Charlotte for letting me experience and capture such natural moments in your life! As promised, here are photos with Charlotte face paint art 🙂



Oh so lovely, I would love to look back at my childhood like this, and see what my mom and I got up to. Sigh how beautiful!

Ah thank you so much Molly! I know, it’s a beautiful nostalgic feeling right?