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Love makes a family

I started the Life Uncut project because in my view there is nothing more important than family life. Sadly some people feel the need to define family – to limit it and to put borders around it like they found some perfect formula that they need to protect. In my views there is no such thing as perfect family.

There is however beautiful family life, governed by love, care, protection and sacrifice; whether it be traditional families, single parent families, lesbian or gay families and any other type of family built on love. On that note, I’ll pass the mic to Kate from Lesbemums to share more about her Day in the life Photo shoot experience.


What was your favourite part from the family photo shoot?

Can I say all of it? No? OK. I guess my favourite part of the family photoshoot was almost having an outer body experience during the whole day – I saw how amazing my family actually is and how the little things; like brushing teeth or making breakfast can be so very special.

Did you have any concerns before the shoot? What happened with them on the day?

As a same sex family with lives outside of our online presence, we take our security very seriously as well as our son’s personal space. We didn’t want his bedroom, toilet visits, or bath times shared with the world but wanted to have those moments for ourselves. Corina was very respectful of this and created something personal without crossing any lines. It was perfect.

What did you think of the photos first time you saw them?

I cried. In happiness, I must add. They were/are so beautiful and I saw my family in a new light. They’re treasures I will keep for a lifetime.

Is family photography important for you? Why?

It captures moments you may never have or see again. Once in a lifetime ones, perhaps.
A photo doesn’t just capture a smile or the beautiful meal, it captures that stain on ones clothing from a recent water fight or the tears from a grazed knee. It captures life.



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